Reviews for "Salad Fingers"

It's definitely worth a watch on halloween, but I think salad fingers protects that land.

weird but good

Creepy and weird all the way. A very good work.

I honestly love your use of tone to create in this short film, from the unsettling music, your incredible use of the stilted animation on Salad Fingers lets him move in an uncanny creepy way. Another way you use tone to your advantage is through the well-done voice acting, Salad Fingers has this eerie, crinkled whisper that is used well in this dark comedy. The comedy in this is pretty okay, it does an alright job of bring out the eccentric side of the creepy old salad men, but it reallies to much on randomness. There isn't really any plot on this or anything to interprate, but it does a great job to 'set up' what's to come.

hheehehhehe this is not scary at all