Reviews for "Salad Fingers"

Oh, the twisted imagination of David Firth. Originally saw this back in the day and it is, if nothing else, unforgettable.

The feeling of rust,against my salad fingers,is almost orgasmic.
I'll never forget this beautiful phrase,that shall be forever remembered.

What the fuck did I just watch... Um. Four stars, I Guess? Good job? Keep up the good work? This was fuckin weird.

This series is... ORGASMIC
Totally 5/5

Salad Fingers strikes you as creepy, but it's hard to say why. One way of interpreting this series is to see the character as mentally disturbed, and regard the animations as visualizations of how Salad Fingers sees the world. The kid in this first episode screams, but Salad Fingers seems to understand what the kid is saying. Maybe in "real life" the kid is screaming because Salad Fingers is doing something horrible. Salad Fingers is polite, well-intentioned and gentle. The tension between Salad Fingers's apparent benignity and apparent dangerousness makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.