Reviews for "Salad Fingers"


I LOVE your style!!! that is exactly the kind of stuff i like!!! its like mindistortion's style, and the FBF words and voice acting made it that much beter!! keep up the good work!! im looking forward to some more!


made absolutley no sense, the graphics were wierd, and the sound was interesting. i liked it! nice style of art you got going. make some more. nice job!

The style.... my god the style...

Is great! Everything is so gritty!.. in a good way! The voices were another plus as was the intrest factor of the story. Did you use a graphics tablet? Whatever it is.. keep it up!

EEW!! =D

Wow!! Everything about that was so deliciously creepy, it really made me squirm!!! I'm gonna link this in my LJ it was just so awesome, I really want to tell my friends about it =D


I loved the kid's face during the whole thing.