Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.3"

very good

This is best episode of Sonic t. Swordsman,because on this episode there is happening so much.

Yeah, yeahit's good- I just wanted to say-


Seriously, it can't take THAT long unless your working on 6 and 7 and forgot to submit it!

I'm back again!

Another good job well done. This time Earthworm Jim is on Sonic's Team. Now Sonic has 2 new friends. That makes the movie more interesting. Plus for the bad guys, Mecha has Ridley as an alley. How many more characters are you going to make? Too bad Samus died too quick. Poor her. I wish she was still alive to be in Sonic's team. Well the movie is still good. But will Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and more dead characters will come alive again? Can you please tell me what happens? I hope you do more movies. I know you could do more movies. I can trust you. Bye. I'll see you later to tell you how good the next movie is.

man this movie is so nice and so welled done

this movie is so good. i mean the way u put the graphics. u made the music go with the flash. i cant wait to see ep.4 the story line is going to be better, i know it is.

What can i say, it's just freaking awsome

wow. you did it so nicely. I could feel his pain. Hey maybe you can use dark super sonic from sonic-x.