Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.3"

all i can say is holycrap

thanks for makeing the 5th movie on the 6th I WANT TO SEE HYPER SONIC from Ben Davis

Super Sonic defeated?

MECHA SONIC DEFEATED SUPER SONIC? BUT NOBODY CAN DEFEAT SUPER SONIC! I HOPE SONIC GETS BACK HIS ABILITY TO TRANSFORM INTO SUPER SONIC SOON. Maybe you can make an episode of Sonic getting his ability to transform in Super Sonic back and as Super Sonic he uses the sword to take care of Mecha Sonic once and for all.


The best parts were the fight sequences. You sure are making things go by pretty fast. How is there soposed to be 362 days between the ending of this episode to the big fight.


that waz awsome the series is geting better and better but SAMUS TOO i mean come on well i love it and hope for a 5 to

2 thumbs up

they just get better and better