Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.3"


This is great! This series is great! Keep it up! :)

I'm starting to run out of words to describe this.

This episode was superb. The fight between Super Sonic and Mekakku was intense. First time you put in voice samples to my knowledge! Good job! This is also the eppy that tells of how Earthworm Jim joined the team. Nice job conveying that. Also, never knew Ridley was asexual and self producing....but, it's your movie.

Nice job on everything. :)

OMG, this is getting good! WOOT

This has to be my favorite episode so far, the fight sceen between Mekku and Sonic was superb! Im totally obsessed with this series lol Keep it up!

My all time favorite episode

This is my favorite episode of Sonic T. Swordsman! I love the beggening of this episode when Super Sonic fights Metal Sonic and Metal sonic uses his sword to absorb sonic's chaos energy! I am a very big fan of your siries! I'm glad Number 5 is out too!


I've seen episodes 1-4 more than once, awaiting the sequel to episode 4 and found it. nice drama pixel parody.