Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.3"




I thought that the first two of the series were great, but this one makes the other two look bad with how good it is! The graphics like usual are really good, and everything runs smoothly, which you must be a master at. The music is really good, and the fighting scenes are absolutely amazing! The story gets better and better with each episode. This is awesome!


just keeps on getting better and better. keep up the good work

I liked it, but did it come out with the sequel?

It was pretty awesome, i liked it, make more and I will be sure to watch them too!

My favorite series by far!

That song you have in the movie, Oomph: Foil, is just the song I've been looking for. Aside from that, the movie was great along with the rest of this action packed thriller. Keep up the good work!