Reviews for "Sonic t. Swordsman Ep.3"


amazing fight scenes here and great story so far i cant wait to watch more of these!

too gloomy...

Its a realy nice movie:)

action secens: very good!
music: perfect 4 sonic,s emotions
sprites (from sonic & knukles): I like theme

But theres one thing thats I don,t like..it need more humor.
That metal sonic guy (mekkaku) sonic sparX and the aderguy CANT stop screeming "revange" "revange" to muts! I want humor! the rest is cool..

Cool dude

awesome i really like 1,2,4,5 but i think this is the best so far


Well what do you know... poor Dr. Eggman... I give this violence rate a 10 because all there is is... sadness. all the fighting,all the sacrificing,jblood gores... just look at that, Dr. eggman is killed, all of sonic's friend are killed,sparks master is killed, and even Samus... Even none of Metal sonic's army are beaten... Sonic will be history.. You should add chaos emeralds and shadow he hedgehog to this movie or else sonic's soul will not survive at all cost...

1 question.

where did you get that amy rose sprite. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 tell me. i kinda like it.