Reviews for "PICONJO CONFESSION 4final"


*FFX theme song plays in background, as he stands up and Salutes with slight tears in his eyes* I love you too.. from the bottom of my heart.. and i allways will.. your movies bring tears to my eyes, not tears of sorry, but tears of joy, and your eternal love to each and evry member of newground is an example to each and evry author of each and evry movie. God bless you Picanjo..


i'm noy sure what to say, man....except.......gay. all of them are gay.
sorry if you're hurt, just make some good movies.

signed, Essay


This is one of the funniest things on newgrounds, man your such a fag hahahaha. I love you too even though your probably dead and being skull fucked by maggots...

Piconjo? mix of Tidus an Pico ?

I like the FF games but i don't like that you're makeing "Piconjo" look like Tidus... I only gave it 6 in sound because i think the music from FFX is great... but i would wish you maked something better than a lot of confessions...

I love you piconjo

This is probably one of the funniest and 1337est movies I have seen on Newgrounds.

I saw other Piconjo movies and thought they were funny but seen Piconjo look like Tidus with FFX music just made me burst out laughing then when the tear came out of his eye I laughed even harder this is pure genius.