Reviews for "weebl and bob - pikea pt3"

I Love Weebl

Lets go to Las Vegas and get married, you beautiful, beautiful person!


you should put your Euro 2004 thing on Newgrounds, that things awsome lol

and that last guy is a dumb fuck!! :) weebl kicks ASS


first... for all you Sweden-ers (of whatever)..

Don't make a big deal about this. Just humor.
Make a flash against Weebl just like the Norway-ers (or whatever) did here:



I didnt rate the first part high...but i was totaly wrong... all the parts together make its a lot better =).... Just love the series


Bob is fucking hilarious...kinda reminds me of myself back in the day

ha ha ha ha ha

'i forgot that we just baught a big box of wanker' lol