Reviews for "weebl and bob - pikea pt3"

Great work

pikea is the best episodes ever!!!1111
By the way i´m from sweden and i´m no wanker and pa-jer means pies.


hehe this was the best Weebl cartoon you have done...okay i'm from sweden (skåne) but i don't hate this shit (detta är fan kul..känn er stolta istället för att han valde ut sverige ;)

this is a very odd cartoon pice and it's very original..do more like this (i know that that the sweden joke is only a ....joke :) if it had been finland maybe finländare have been angry instead


first... for all you Sweden-ers (of whatever)..

Don't make a big deal about this. Just humor.
Make a flash against Weebl just like the Norway-ers (or whatever) did here:



I didnt rate the first part high...but i was totaly wrong... all the parts together make its a lot better =).... Just love the series


Bob is fucking hilarious...kinda reminds me of myself back in the day


this is great, when they said pa-jer over and over again that was aswome!! this is the first weebl and bob i seen, the style is aswome to, though becuase of your style you get little break, becuase no mouth animating, no arms and feet animating, and you dont even gotta do good at the ovice acting!! lol, well i liked it alot, looking forward to some more!!