Reviews for "weebl and bob - pikea pt3"


i'm beginning to become a weeble and bob fanboy, they 0wn b) especially bob


"place spoket a in the left most flange and bracket the testicle walnut to the tan arc of part b12 or c45, unless today is a tuesday in which case you must sin the hypotenuse"

Thats what the directions said!

One of the best ever

I love Weebl and Bob and this is easily one of the best you've ever made, "I forgot we just bought a big box of Wanker" haha, that was class, it's always great to see a flash artist from the UK, also the Paj-er, Paj-er, Paj-er joke was clever as fuck as well, you're a fucking genious Weebl.

pie of death

The firs two where ok but this one was rather kick ass.

i dont know what everyone else is talkin bout

cause i liked this one the best out of the three i mean weeble blew up sweedon thats great. comic genuis. gj