Reviews for "weebl and bob - pikea pt3"

Just to clarify for you like 60% of the ppl

who see this..

PAJ is pronounced..pie

PIKEA is pronoiced Pie KIA

great animation


Another great weebl and bob flash. I really liked that one, the "in the box" thing was hilarious. 10.

You almost hit me!

Damn you!
You were not more than 30 swedish miles from hitting my town.

Well. Lucky you, you didn't hit any of my friends. ^^

Jag tycker den var ganska rolig ändå.
Vad säger du om det?

im in the box im in the box

haahahahahaha dude that wa the best 1 yet ya gotta keep makin them!!!! at least the made it into the wearhouse^^ o ya he should keep his grannys wig on it suites him all i can say is keep up da good work n im in the box!!



Like the last person, DOWN WITH CLOCK CREW!