Reviews for "weebl and bob - pikea pt3"


this is really funny ,oh and all you sweden people cant you take a joke weebl could shot a pelvis laser at any other country and you would have laughed

i love weebl

lo weebl


i loved it! but ur lucky u didnt hit Skåne. Skåne is the southern end of sweden where i live. Skåne rules, Stockholm does not!


It was funny like anyothers weebl and bob!!! Enough to recieve a 10/10!!!

Hey guys if what you have said is a joke it isn't funny seriously.
And hmmm if it is true... God damn ... This video was not made to insult Sweden or Sweden people... STOP BEING MORON!!....

Lyssna här!

Sjut en gång till och jag röstar 0 på alla weebl and bob varje dag!
(Shoot one more time and i vote 0 on all weebl and bob once a day!)