Reviews for "weebl and bob - pikea pt3"


Uhm... Wierd...

What's wrong with Sweden?

3 in a row...

After watching the 3 weebl and bob episodes in a row, i've come to the conclusion that...

I need a fucking life !

I've been watching and rating flashes since last night. Holidays suck! I can't wait to go to work tommorrow and see my lovely Erin. Oh, how i adore her. (lost in thought)

(But she doesn't know that) <---*coz ur a fucking loser*

Oh yeah, Great flashing skills!

//damn you england\\

heh, i really love those pikea episodes...

Paj-er Paj-er Paj-er Paj-er mushroom mushroom

If you can't parody your own stuff then what can you do?

Excellent as per usual Weebl, I doff my flat cap at you sir.


Bob is fucking hilarious...kinda reminds me of myself back in the day