Reviews for "weebl and bob - pikea pt3"

Flat packed pie???

lol very funny weebl...

Nice little link to the Badgers sequence lol.
(paj...ers, paj..ers, paj...ers.... got any mushroom pie lols)

Everything was great lol
No need to change anything.

Damn you Sweden!!

Haha lol i am swedish XDXDXDXD

Please make more weebl!

This is great!

i'm a swe myself and i loved it xD / svenskar har goda Pajer ^^

It is so fun! :D

Well, we swedish are sorry if you didn't get any pie =/ But for the next time we will send tons of pajs xD oh right... IT IS SO FUNNY!!

There's a reference.

I happened to notice the "Badger Badhger Badger" reference. I.e,
"Paj-er? Paj-er. Paj-er? Paj-er. Paj-er? Ahhh, paj-ers. Why you get MUSHROOM ones?"