Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"


good to see a tutorial make it to the top 20 good work very nicely laid out tutorial mine are usually sloppy, but they get the job done.
anyway good work.

Yeah i love tutorial...

And i sure am gonna use this in future. Thank you dude. You helped me:)

you have unleashed a plauge

I hope you relize what you've done. I'n about a week the portal will be flooded with terrible shooting games just because they know how now. shame on you

un-mediocre responds:

Hahaha! I hope they're good ones! :P

If this scores 3.87....

I dont wanna know what my next tutorial is going to score... 4.50 or something?!?!? Because the one i just finished (and going to submit in a few days)
Is much better... Not that this one is that bad... but its just way too high rated.

I would like to see how you add music

I really have problems with adding music.. so plz help me :)


- Guuzziej