Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"

Great Job

I've seen some other gun game tutorials and your's is the best. The interaction is awesome and I really liked it. If I could make a request could you do one on sprite animations?

best tutorials on ng?

Pervical, I have watched all of your tutorials and they are all great and helpful you get a 5 in each one keep up this good work!

the actions tab your looking for in Flash MX is near the bottom of the screen, it says "Actions - Frame" and is right above the Properties bar that hugs the bottom of the screen.

different flash

Hey, I have Flash MX '04 and i'd love to learn how to make that gun game but i could only get up to where you said to click on the actions tab. I know you said for Flash MX click the actions tab but i can't find it :( please reply to my review with what i should click.



The issue i found was how do tou create those kind of words on your own, or do they just show up? like when you tell us to paste things, are we just supposed to know later on what the words are?

Thanks, you've really helped me out!

You also said:"What would you like to see next?" How about a tutorial of how to make games like Alloy: Arena ?