Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"


This is pretty helpful, I think you should make an RPG tut next though.

5 5 5 5!

This is a very good way of explaining how to make gun games for idiots like me. THANK YOU!

Great tutorial

That was a great tut, definately your best one, It is one of the best shooting tuts ive seen and it really was excellent,keep it up.


Your tutorials are awsome, My Request is to help us on sprites (most people like doing sprites), And you could tell us how to movie it, and what to use when we do stuff just for starting out.. (i cant even do a background yet... :S)

Very good

awesome job man, now you should make a tutor on Pre-loaders im an idiot so and i want to learn how to make a pre-loader it would help me out so much man, anyway good work