Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"

I like it

but there is only one question on my mind, at the end of the bottle explosion movie clip you insert a blank keyframe with the action stop(); set on it, so the bottle mc is still there would it not be better if you add a action script that actually take off the movie clip?

Wow Great !

This tutorial was REALLY great it helped me alot when i trying to make a Game. Nice one !


u are like the best ever i was just look around for games and i clicked on this and follow it know ive got like an excelent game!!!

Wow this is really helpful

This tutorial is really good.

Now i know how to make a cool gun game!

keep it up!

Yo its Me again

hay in your next tutorial can you please show us how to make a jig-saw puzzel game, and email me so i can get ur email!
the_ pizza _d u de _ @ h otm ail . c om
apri m e . tk @ g m ail . c om
u choose maby both
but email me
if you dont no who i am
i am the guy that said to you about the
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any way email
and reply to this message, i change my account name to reply to this message because it said i aredy writtien a review