Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"


That's a good tutorial. It's cool that you showed both object-orientated and code-orientated aspects.

I used to make GBA games. That sure was fun. Perhaps I'll try converting some to flash! Then again, those games took months of work and a lot more time building skills. Maybe a converting 3-D shooting game to flash wouldn't be the best thing for me to start out with... Either way, I think this may have inspired me to get into flash. Thanks!


That was more complex stuff. :) By the way, it was really good, insightful, and helpful. Thanks!

helped alot

Wow, that helped alot ! :)
Could you do a how to draw good tutorial, like draw inside things, and how to place good our shades ... anyway, anything could help me, im a total noob :P

un-mediocre responds:

Read my other older tutorials. The "Drawing for Dummies" series.