Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"


I think you can do "make your own cake" or "build your own washing machine" instead of a flash tutorial like everyone. although this one is the best since you can see your guide, which is a human..

Nice one

I think you are right about da music, and it was a nice tutorial. It would be really good and helpful if you made a tutorial that teaches how to make a game where you can make a guy walk, jump, crouch, and shoot with keybord buttons. I would definatly give a 5 just for making it.:)


incredibly usefull.

I think next you should do something like using arrow keys to move an object.

Very Informative

always willin ta recive knowledge of others (as long as its useful) keep up the good work


Great tutor please continue to teach what you know. it is very appreciated, But i would liek some sound in your flash it does help it go along a bit better. But thatnks again. Your humble student.