Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"

I got good use of it...

I am trying to start usign Flash for the fun of it and this tutorial seem to have helped, I like interactive stuff more than the damn books. Keep doing this kind of stuff.. im learning!:)

its not great but its good

ok first of all that was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! to simple, alot of people on NG who want to make a game wouldn't get very far on that, trust me i didnt know a thing about actionscript till 2 months ago, since i took the time out to learn independantly and learn what i needed to learn, i can make some pretty good games. this is a good start though, if you continue to make these and get more advanced i will give you a higher mark next time


This is the best flash tutor i've seen!I think it's very useful..well atleast i would of loved it when i knew nothing about flash.So a 8 for you!You should really make moore!:|)



that was awesome. you have to make more of these!

Nice Tutorial

I always like tutorials that are easy to read that provide some visuals to help people follow along. I liked the fact you included a link to download the results of the tutorial(which I downloaded of course). It was most helpful, please keep them coming :)