Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"

theres alot of good info here

and hopefuly someone can use it. I have already seen the effects of this tut, a game was released that seemed very similar to the instructions given ecept it had stick men insted of bottles :P
guess what happend to it


only have 1 question how do you reset the little score keeper?

un-mediocre responds:


Should work from any Movie Clip/Button.

That was very helpfull

You should make a side scrolling game and tutorialize it. I would add you to my favorites list. Good job on this tutorial.

next one?

these tutoria;ls are very well done. i hope to see more. maybe consider doing one to help people with variable interactions, or collision detection.

good luck


i needed that badly, thanks alot, keep em coming, for your next one id sujest, Drawing on flash, or maybe making your own action script.

anyways thanks alot.