Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"


Very helpful!

im not one of the faster learners around so heres a really basic question...how do u play your work?

i downloaded the session2 and it was only 2 frames with 3 layers but how do u play the game? im trying to make a small flash where a sword is the cursor.

when i click play i dont see the sword as a cursor so how do i actually play my game?

P.S. when i got to layer two of my flash (crosshair) it had a picture of the first frame of my flash because i just did it like an animation. I put a bunch of frames in order and played them...but when i reach a point in the story i want the viewer to be able to choose an ending...

Good Job

That was excellant you gave them a chance to use what you tolds them to make as they went along and explained it very well GOOD JOB!!!! Keep up the good work i'd like to see more of these great tutorials

What a help!!

Nice one, really easy to follow and you even add the download at the end so you can mess about with it yourself without drawing to get used to it straight away.

A real help, cheers!!

thank you so fucking much!!!!

thank u so fucking much dude, im a noob at doing the flash animation shit lol, right now im doing somthing with megaman and shadow from ff3, its very stupid, im no good at storyline, but ill b good at making stuff like that! but i didnt know how, thank u so much ive always wanted 2 make a gun game but i never new how... but now i know thanks 2 u! keep making more of these i really looking forward 2 more of ur help, thank u!!!!


Great Tutorial =)

For the next one, perhaps you can futher this "basic" game and teach how to make active enemies, A timer, Enemy AI, etc. Thanx man!