Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"


what can i say..its a tutorial..

What program do you use to create these?

I want to try doing this, but i dont know what program to use. Would i have to buy it, or download it, or what?

This is how it's suppose to be done :)

Yes, this is the ultimate tutorial (for what it teaches)

I reeeaaally hope you make a side-scrolling tutorial next :)

this was great and all but...

I am using Flash MX 2004 Professional and the action script to make the movie clip of the bottle play does not work for me. I end up getting the crosshair to work, yet after the action scripts are applied to the target, clicking on it does nothing. I went back and started a new flash project 5 times now, and I always get the same result. What am I doing wrong?

-If you can help me out, then this deserves a 10 instead of a 5.


This was good and its exremly helpful.