Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"


Whats with this guy? You probobly just taught hundreds of people to make a simple flash game. Good for you! Keep it up!


make a tutorial for blurring and trailing blurs, u know like a bullets trails(matrix) or a puncing trail for sttcks and otherand which is easy to understand. i would be very grateful if u did



Everything made sense. You explained everything and yet kept it simple I look forward to more of these!

Keep up the goodness!

hey can you show an example of how to make the slow motion matrix effect...

Nice Job! I could use some other pointers to.

Nicely done, this'll really help. NExt I need one on how to make an object move by keyoard command. Please make one on that, or respond to my email to you. Thanks bud, great job!