Reviews for "Flash Tutor: 2"


How can he be a tutor if he's a professor?

great tutorial

Great tutorial... however, the part with the convert the first frame into button doesn't work...
any help?

Good tut

That helped me alot now i got thinking in making a sniper game since its so easy man! ;) good job hope to see u do a tut 5!XD

Good, but still need help

Still need some help: How do you make an enemy capable of damaging you?


This didnt help me at all... sorry but im giving you a zero. I would suggest you show how to play the clip... You said paste that, and then try the crosshair. Wtf are we supposed to do after we paste it? How do we try it out?
Pm me if u wanna help me, and ill have a few of my friends give you 10's.

) (guy winking)