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Reviews for "Lip Sync Tutorial"

worked perf cept for..

i kept getting a syntax error with this code
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
and when i played it back it would sync up then after the audio ended just started being a motorboating son of a bitch

thanx but

not everyone on newgrounds uses that same flash program. i dont use studio or fireworks or any of that stuff. my program is totally different. so that doesnt really help me (or other people). but it helps.

Should give more specific explanations

I find it was good right up until the part where i had to start action scripting...it was good but you somehow missed on some info that i needed...and it was very confusing at the end....but nice try and thanks for trying to help ppl XD

Great job.

Great tutorial, nice one.


I'm sure this will help out when i decide to put some talking into my Flashes. How do you actually record the sound? DO you have to buy a microphone from somewhere, or do you record it somewhere else?
Anyway, nice tut.