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Reviews for "Lip Sync Tutorial"

Very good

this was very good but the only thing is i couldnt get the actionscript to work it said there was an unexpected "}" error
I dont know what went wrong but then mabey its just me o well

not a bad job but not the best either

you did ok.. not good not bad but ok... i gave graphics a 5 because most of the menu examples you used were blurry and the dracula was ok. i gave sound a 7 (highest score) violence a 0 why? there was none -.- intereactivity... i gave a 2 cuz there was a forward and back button humor a 1 because its kinda laughable....

but what really puzzles me is why they put "orgasm girl" by where it says "if you enjoyed this you might also enjoy:..."
i mean that game has nothing in common with this..

but anyways an ok job you did.

You give a good overview of the phonems but...

I really dont like the way you put them on the stage. It makes no sense.
I keep my phonems in there own special folder and just drag 'em out on to the stage. If you want to be very neat you tween them to match what they say... which may only be necessary for a song.

Anyways you had a nice tutorial and explained everything well. You provied some good info and... I giveth teh 3 thumbs up. And 2 down.


Very useful. A good idea to make a great lip sync with the sounds of any movie. It can be of help to the new people at flash, and to the experienced ones too!

Help is on the way.

For all you poor bastards who feel exactly the same as I did a couple of minutes ago, here:
img100.imageshack.us/img100/40 05/worksfinenowon7.gif
The syntex error fixed for me when I just deleted all the backspaces.