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Reviews for "Lip Sync Tutorial"


every thing was great. didnt have to get into the parent thing thought. not that patient.


it was good. any retard who thinks that is british should shoot themselfs

really helped me

very informative for me ,because im just a newbie to animating
oh and to the guy below me:'its a french accent!'


With the british accent dracula had
I had a tough time understadning what he was saying
He said "Blood is thicker than water"


Really cool tutorial, thanks! I almost started creating symbols for each "mouth" and inserting them one by one in the time line :) I was like "omg these flash people must be realllyyy patient..." but now I know that there are a BIT faster ways! Though I always get lost with the symbol in a symbol in a symbol and the parent symbol things but well I have to get used to it!