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Reviews for "Lip Sync Tutorial"

One of the few good tutorials I've seen.

I wouldn't call this a tutorial for people who've just started with it, since you use quite a few different mouth shapes, and employ some more complicated AS to direct it all. Still, I learned a few things from it, and I think it's very helpful if you sit down and take the time to follow it.


This tutorial is extremely useful for newbies that want to get into/learn more about flash animation. Keep up the good Tutorials!


you know, I dreamt that i was a green vampire who got infected by the x-virus. good tutorial.

Needs Polish

Very good and exceptionally informing tutorial. This should stay here on NG. However, it really needs a bit of work to be a really great tutorial. Just seems very text heavy.

Perhaps it should have been split into different sections (such as basics of lip syncing, action scripting, drawing the lips and what have you).

Still. Good work. I'll keep an eye on this.


Good Tutorial, informative and the end product shows what its capable of.
Only thing i could suggest is maybe a summary at the end, or some quiet toggable background music.