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Reviews for "Lip Sync Tutorial"

what do u do for i?

it was ok but i need to know how u do i

s1nt3ch responds:

just do a combination like ah and eee together they will make an ay sound, or "I"

how im i suppose to us this when i cant follow the

ok .i tryed the thing the movie said and it all failed. in other words you suck at helping people


this is a great tutorial, just draw a few mouths and then the rest is just simply pushing buttons. very informative. i'll definately put a special note to you in the credits of my next cartoon.

This might have been good...

... But the script doesn't work with my flash. At all.

This might just be because I'm working with a much later version of flash than the one in this tutorial.

3/5 for the work.

Thanks a lot

One of the most useful tutorials on the site.