Reviews for "Mr. Chuckles"

I applaud your work.

That was wonderfully done. Between the well drawn animation, the sounds that were perfectly in sync, and the general idea of it, I was simply amased. My only complaint was that it was fairly short, but that hardly detracts from the movie. Please keep up the good work. I look forward toyour next submission.

that was kickass

cant wait till part two, well done animation.

Get a job...

seriously get a job, doing this sort of stuff!!! The animation looks great! I'm sure there is someone out there that would hire you with this sort of talent.

Wow.... :-|

im speechless...
my god you have drawing skills thats is just plain scary..
dude you have god given talent that has poetential...
nice job..
gave it 5 since there's no 9...


Great work, man! The animation looks hand-drawn... nice touch. Hurry up and make the next one!