Reviews for "Mr. Chuckles"

It looks like

you put a lot of work into this. Maybe making it a little cleaner and clearer would help.

Black and white???........

is what I first thought but I actually found thid to be an enjoyable piece of work.Great job.

Not bad...

But not good either.

Well done

Its kinda hard to follow with the sezure inducing notebook flashes but other than that it is amazing

ooohh notebook sketchy style!

I loved the fluid motion of the film, the fight scenes were surprisingly well choreographed, and I happen to be a huge fan of sketchy "unfinished" styles of animation.


Since this is only part one, I'll cut some slack on the plot part. I had to watch it over twice to get what was said at the end. (I have a short attention span).

Elaborate in the second part, if there will be one.