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Reviews for "Oil Drum Alley 2.0"

I love this genre! 100/10!

I add you to favorite songs!

Why have nobody vote or review? I hate them! Not you and you awesome song, but they Newgrounds users there not vote 5 /5 on you song!

love it

omg DKC rulez still have all 3 on SNES even dled on laptop to play with 360 controller that tells you something music is awesome

DKC has amazing music

Usually, I download video game music because I got to like it while playing the game. However, I don't have any Donkey Kong games, and I've downloaded lots of these remixes.

I'm not sure whether DK has unusually good music or unusually good remixers, but I'd guess it's a combination of the two.

Good remix, by the way.

Should have named it inverted.

The song is generally the same, as it aught to be since its a remix, But this song puts emphasis on the exact oposite of everything from the games ogg. But you made it work, so all my 5's and 10's belong to you.

Beartheshadows responds:

Even though I dont know what you meant by the whole opposite thing I still appreciate the scores.
Im glad you liked it. Thanks


DKC holds a special place in my childhood memories, as does the music. Great job on the remix, love it! I think you captured the original feelings of the song very well.