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Reviews for "Alloy: Arena"

it's a really ass kicker

this game kicks ass alloy is like megaman but much better...but it is way hard

Yo this flash is crunk fo' shizzle

i swear to god if any1 out there gives this a bad review i will find out were u live and kick the crap out of u this IS the shit man its all dat i love it simple but fun a good progression from the easy enemies 2 the harder 1s this is the definition of crunk bling bang its all that and a bag of potatoe chips and a soda on the side i cant get over how great this is all 5 of my R's go 2 this baby its gr8 play it play it now y r u reading stop reading and start playing go dog go


really nice game it was very fun but theres no story line its just lets go and kik some @$$ but i like that to very fun game


Wow, this is fantastic! I have to say sound was a little dodgy.

But overall Alloy Arena is FANTASTIC!

h3ll yea!!!

i gave all 10s everything wus damn perfect this game is so perfect it should be considered "God perfection"