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Reviews for "Alloy: Arena"

I can't believe this didn't make it as a GBA game.

This game would be tight on a game boy. You could like hook it up to other gameboys and have multiplayer or something. That would be awesome. Anyway, great game. Kinda slow going, though. The walking should be a little faster. Maybe that's my computer. I don't know. Keep up the good work.

-The Bi99man


Great job man. Fun game, keep 'em coming.


hey sry about it not making GBA but great game game man. i dont know wat that other person was playing but not this game but just work on the attach buttons u got to hold them in order for them punch but still overall good game



aaaaawwwwww yea

This is a very addicting Game its very fun to play but you need more viraty in the enemys it would also be cool if you could custimize the main character that would be good to oh and some differnt sound loops besides it fun to kill rats and dogs it be better to kill people and mecks but overall this is a great game