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Reviews for "Alloy: Arena"

This game brings back so many memories beacuse I played it as a kid. I love it completely, the only thing I would change is the Try Again button but thats been like that for more than a deacde lol. Thank u MindChamber and PsychoGoldfish for all these cool games, Keep making them

The controls are so 2004.

Really nice

So this was a nice game you have here there sure is a lot of movement in this area of the game and you really made it fun you two always make some of the best stuff on newgrounds so that was a plus here I have no improvment ideas on this because this is a solid piece of a game so nice work all the way around I was really impressed with this game and your guys direction on the game

As mentioned no changes needed


somehow its not letting me click try again

I loved this game because of how ambitious it was! There were so many cool attacks. It was weird, because I didn't really have any idea on how to even use them. I think it was mostly just luck that I got them. I'm glad there was so much variety. While not the best game to features Alloy, still great.

You have a lot of open space. You can really move around well. True, it's repetitive, but still very fun. I just really like how this robot works. I do combos without even trying! It's kind of like one of those games that plays itself.