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Reviews for "Alloy: Arena"

this game work!!!

alloy works damnit, good! weapons fun!! keep it up guy

Cool but.....

It gets lame after a while....But the graphics are nice!!!!
Keep up the good work!!!

It was ok

It gets boring after a while

it wus ok...

it wasnt realy a bad game but it wasnt fantstic either a lot becus like wut qualityapeman said the enemies come from both sides and it take forever to kill em wich is frustratin but i liked how the enemis just bounced up in the air with the bolt cannon it was decent

Very Nice

This was very good, nice detailed graphics which were also very well designed. Good sound, although it did sound kinda muffled or something. Good blood effects, wasn't over the top like other games. Simple easy controls. The game itself was difficult, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when the enemies come from both sides and it takes ages to kill 'em...that was frustrating. Fantastic overall though. Well done!