Reviews for "Mega Man X2 - Charge Shot"

very well done

very metal twas amazing XD

Yes times infinity

Its a very kick ass song and its from Megaman which i luv

Mega Man... what else is there to say?

It's amazing how much good music has come from Mega Man.

Nice job!

This is a great medley. These boss stages are also my favorite, too. I like how the beginning starts out. This is also the longest song I heard on Newgrounds. I think the best part I heard was Zero's Theme, this part made me wonder for a bit. But this song overall would've have been good with a slow medley, which you just did.

I haven't heard the rest of your music as of yet. I am sure to do that as soon as I can. Hope to hear more MegaMan X music from you.

Completely destroyed my medley.

You kicked the crap out of my medley lol.

I love that tone that you have on your guitar RAWR!

The more this song goes on the more I want to rape and pillage. What you have here is vgmetal goooooold!

Keep rockin' man!