Reviews for "Mega Man X2 - Charge Shot"


Love the guitar sound. What did you use for your drums? Excellent job on this.

VikingGuitar responds:

Drums were EZDrummer with the Drumkit From Hell expansion set. Guitars were direct-in with Line6 Toneport/Gearbox. Recording done with Reaper (http://reaper.fm). Guitar is a BC Rich Mockingbird w/ EMG's. Mastered with iZotope Ozone 3. Thanks for listening!


I'd say this is the BEST remake of the MMX2 songs EVER!

5/5 =D

Very Good!

I like the Sigma stage 1 very much! I think it was supposed to be like that from the beginning. The other ones were also great!

You could try to make Journey to Silius stage 1!!

nice job

its hard to cover game music when you do muliple in the same song but you nailed it man rockon.


I love this, but I don't remember any of the X2 music.