Reviews for "Mega Man X2 - Charge Shot"

Long but amazing!

I like so much the guitars... they sounds pretty clean.

And a thing that I looked before is the double bass of the drums, is too fu%#&ng fast, like the playing of George Kollias of the Nile band. It gives a great power metal shot to the song.

Great job!


It's like the metallica's songs
I love the bass in the steady part
it looks that you spent all your life in the drums

one of my favs :3


I've never heard a calm version of Zero's theme before... I like it. Kick Ass Song

One of the best (if not the) on NG.

I would go into some witty rant about how great this is but fuck it...one word does the trick:


Loved it

had a great sound to it I loved it :D