Reviews for "Mega Man X2 - Charge Shot"

Bravo! :)

I wanted to write a review for this a bit earlier but time wasn't on my side. Anyways, here I am now. :) Finally some more intense metal guitar based Mega Man coverage besides myself and a very few other guitar players here around Newgrounds.

I gotta say this is pretty damn good. I've voted a couple of times on it already, and I did now as well. It's a very smooth medley you created here and I guess it took awhile to get everything in the direction how you wanted it to be. Too bad that you had to lower the bitrate due to the filesize limit. I would really like to hear this in full 320kbit glory.

None the less it's very good as it is. Smooth transitions to the individual tracks and nice additions here and there. Who knows...maybe we'll see this on the NG frontpage in the near future...*hint hint* ;)

Keep it up man, you got the ballz for it! \m/

Really good!

The guitar sounds awesome! What programs did you use?

5/5 and 10/10.

omg O____O

hm... theres nothing more to say

h-h-h-h-holy sh-SHITE


Pure genius! This is going straight to my mp3 player and staying. You should make a full album. Keep up the great work!