Reviews for "Mega Man X2 - Charge Shot"

crazy long,but don't care!!!!!1

love it


Perfect in every way!!! I'm going to start a Mega Man Mosh at my house! WONDERFULL JOB!!


Guy, how did u do this remix, what software or equips do u use?

VikingGuitar responds:

Recording was done on a PC with Reaper (http://reaper.fm). Guitar was a BC Rich Mockingbird with EMG pickups, recorded direct through a Line6 TonePort UX2 and Gearbox software. So was Bass (I use a "Tradition" brand 5 string). Drums were EZDrummer with the Drumkit from Hell expansion set. Other than that, it's just a lot of time recording a mixing. Thanks for the review!

Awesome Song!

You've outdone yourself dude!


Now THIS... THIS was well done.

Didn't try to be any more than what it was or what it needed to be.

And it turned out brilliant, great job!!!