Reviews for "Mega Man X2 - Charge Shot"


It's like the metallica's songs
I love the bass in the steady part
it looks that you spent all your life in the drums

one of my favs :3

Beauty !

It is a good piece, friend. My favourite part was by far the intro, it even made me start to head bang a bit =D.
The composition rocked, and the recording was very clean. Those drums must have been a real pain to write (or did you record them in a real kit?) =/, but the end result was more than worth it!
Keep it up !

Yes times infinity

Its a very kick ass song and its from Megaman which i luv

loved it, but....

if you wanted metal out of the X series then you should check out X3 :)

dont get me wrong though, i love the sound of these

The megaman feeling altogether

Its really really good who all those mixes blended, it really is something I would hear while playing one of the old school X games. the only drawback I find is that is too long... 11 minutes? I think you could have cutted... maybe 3 minutes? otherwise it gets a little repetitive before one part changes to the next one. Nevertheless a great song, I ´d like to hear other megaman remixes you might have