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Reviews for "Thrice"


You should definatly make more! This is a great trail for a new character, but don't stop here, have more adventures of trice! mabye even make a game??

Anyway awesome job. Make more!

This is fun

No really, alot of movies like this take themselves WWWAAAYYY too seriously. This was done with the farce in mind. The cheesy sound effects (laser, narrators voice) were what made this funny, especially after thrice speaks and you hear some actually very good voice acting. Well done, a credit to its genre. I'm looking forward to some more Thrice adventures.


Loverly jorb ya did 'ere, Zekey. I liked it, best one I've seen so far, definitely. I look forward to your longer ones though.

This was a good lil flash that may very well spill itself into a series, perhaps? I hope it does. The computer-type voice annoyed me a lil but Thrice sure did show that big rock! rar! Funny too ^_^

Objective: Rock... Priority: Move Rock...

Loading Rock... Loading Thrice...

This is certainly one of your most innovative flashes. I'm not entirely sure I loved the minimalistic graphical style here, especially with Thrice having gaps in his limps and all, perhaps a more fully articulated/joined-together Thrice would have kicked even more ass.

But I really enjoyed the framework of the flash, the computery voiceover, your voice disguised as "sound effects," Thrice's reaction to the 98% accuracy score.... and the plot in general. Funny, actual "action," and just plain DIFFERENT. For all of that, you should be commended for going off in VERY divergent directions during June 2004 and in 4 flashes (what a month for ZekeySpaceyLizard flash!). Based on earlier flashes like the two Incident ones and so forth, some people might have expected nothing but the same, but each flash you upload is strange, different, and defies expectation... and these are ALL good things. Still, I will always have a soft spot for Dis-illusioned Pirate above ALL others, and continue to fiven it occasionally. #;-}> I'd love to see more Thrice, though, if you should feel like making more.

That was great...

I just thought the whole thing was great. But the thing that made me give it a 10 is the sound his buster made. Peeeeeew! Don't know why I thought that was so funny but it was.