Reviews for "Thrice"


It always makes me happy to give a good score to a newly submitted flash. I loved the animations style and the concept was pretty original (a weapons demonstration with no stick casualties!).
Thank you for making me happy =)

This is fun

No really, alot of movies like this take themselves WWWAAAYYY too seriously. This was done with the farce in mind. The cheesy sound effects (laser, narrators voice) were what made this funny, especially after thrice speaks and you hear some actually very good voice acting. Well done, a credit to its genre. I'm looking forward to some more Thrice adventures.


You should definatly make more! This is a great trail for a new character, but don't stop here, have more adventures of trice! mabye even make a game??

Anyway awesome job. Make more!

it was ok...ish

Well, it was pointless, kinda stupid, but i gess if u make a better one, where he like, saves the world, kills people... instead of a cheap "rock"

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

Typical response I'd give to a n00b who calls itself "Lemmiwinks"

...shaming South Park.

Well it only really deserves a 3/5.

But I voted 5 because I want it to survive, and it looks like it's going to, so it's 5 well spent.