Reviews for "Aeronautics"

bass drive

sounds really chill. think it would be cool for a car ride in the mountains. or maybe in a travling film haha. anyways i like the flow and feel is very fresh.

Quarl responds:

thanks sir. Glad you like it :3


There are some very good tracks for this MAC, I already 5-ed some of those, fav-ed 3, this one included.
Chilled feel, complex lines and rhythms on a pedal like harmony.
Well mixed ... what else to say than "Congratulations" ...

Quarl responds:

Thanks sir! I understand you'll be making something for the comp as well. I can't wait to hear what you have cooking.

im gunna suck ur penis regardless :) (platonically


man, tons of great and unusual elements in here, makes for a totally radical piece.

the IDM beat rocked, great rhythm, love the fast retrigerring of the little thin rim hits, good choice of the kick, and I like how you placed a rest on the last measure of the rhythm. Softness, nice range of dynamics fits perfectly with that atomsphere.

Choice of sounds was great, excellent nasal and delicate pad that sounds awesome throughout, the piano was beautiful and I love the usage of the synth guitar.

What I really dig about this track is that it doesnt have a distinct theme that I can pick out, but it's aesthetics lie within the melding of the complex intracies and melodic ideas that harbor beautiful and unpredictable chord progressions, where both the piano voices are sequenced together very creatively. The melodies are so serene and smooth yet at the same time it feels a bit formless, yet blends great with the consuming and airy atmosphere. Very relaxing with just a tinge of quirkiness at the same time. I think were eye to eye on the description of this track!

insta-favorited. seriously i havent a heard a gem like this on Newgrounds in a while. Kinda reminds me of Glib. my favorite Mac submission in the contest so far!

Quarl responds:

wow, I'm really glad you liked it. I don't think I ever heard glibs stuff.


this is epic and unbelievable
i have nothing left to say

Quarl responds:

lol. Thanks sir C:

now this is nostalgia

Gives me chills, One of my favorite works.

Quarl responds:

Why thank you sir. I miss your cream face.