Reviews for "Aeronautics"

this was flow

There have been crazy amounts of zero bombings in the last couple hours... i had my song just destroyed... so its not just you.

Production Quality = 9 , no problems
The Score = 7.5 , It felt a little boring and i didn't feel like it captured me.
Instrument Choice = 8.5, I liked everything until the very end with the guitarish synth. (2:45)

Good job man, good luck with the contest.

Quarl responds:

rawr. That guitar synth at 2:45 is my favorite part. It's teh climax. Regardless, I had a feeling people wouldn't like it, so I'm not offended or anything. Tis the way things are.


Not sure why someone rated this low. It's good! Nice beat ya got goin' on there!

Quarl responds:

That's just newgrounds. There's an anonymous group of users that think the scores matter, so they zero vote other peoples subs. If it weren't for people like them, then the scores WOULD matter. Thanks for the review sir.