Reviews for "A New Beginning (Random Idea)"

Hip hop or rap!

I think it's one of those genres. But anyways, this RULED! Respect!


LiquidEcstacy responds:

Thank ya sir =)

hmmmm :}

so smooth, beautiful opening, but your always good with that. yeah i could see this being some chill ass hip hop song. well kinda. its odd, its like ambient mixed with almost a modern beat. to me its almost classified as a new experimental genera. great work, has a powerful feel to it.


I think it is beautiful(: great work! A new beginning really fits it! :D


I'd simply say it's ambient.

Proper good, though. Proper good.

this is sick

awesome blend of a soft melody and a harder beat. you should really consider finishing this. its good. dude. DON'T GIVE UP!!! i miss your style.